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Limassol castle is one of the main tourist attractions in Limassol. However, there are so many things you can while paying a visit to Limassol. These include but not limited to seeing the castle, beaches, and other tourist attractions.

Things to do in Limassol.

Visiting the Limassol castle

This castle dates back to the medieval period. Apparently, one queen of England was crowned here in 1911. It was built during the Ottoman rule. However, different archeological studies indicate different dates.

What makes this place special is that it’s packed with lots of Cyprus history. Apparently, the lower areas of the castle was once a prison. While there you will get to see coins, pottery, and weapons from different eras in history.

Visiting the beaches.

limassol beachesIf not at the Limassol castle then you can hit the beaches. Limassol is dubbed the beach lovers heaven. This place has a coastline of like 16 km along the Mediterranean sea. Some of these famous beaches are the Avdimou Beach, Kourion Beach, Afroditi beach among others.

Enjoy the waters, walking along the beaches and swimming. Plus the beauty of these beaches a vibrant city center where you can enjoy various cuisines of Cyprus.

Visiting Kourion

Packed with history is this UNESCO protected park. It dates back to the Roman era. This theatre is amazing and most things are intact. It has got beautiful mosaics to feast your eyes on.

You can also check out the Episcopal precinct, the two basilicas and the seat of Kourion’s bishop.

Fasouri Watermania

If you feel young at heart and are packed with energy, you will have a blast visiting these water parks. They are some of the best in Cyprus. This is ideal for families, especially if you have little kids to amuse.

You will find everything here. Slides, pools, restaurants. There are like 22 attractions to amuse yourself.






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