Why dine in Cyprus?


One of the most desirable aspects of the Cyprus experience is indulging in the delicious food that the country has to offer. There are no shortage of beautiful eateries within the regions of Limassol, Larnaca and Nicosia. The diverse choice on offer is second to none with traditional Cypriot restaurants nestled in amongst those specialising in seafood, souvlaki and much more. There are focused establishments aimed at vegans and vegetarians but let’s not kid ourselves, Cypriots love their meat! In fact, to many if you are to proclaim yourself a vegetarian in a Cypriot restaurant, you may end up being directed to the seafood section of the menu!

Restaurants we encourage you to check out


Below is a list of some of the most desirable restaurants in Cyprus that are well worth the dining experience:


For a traditional Cypriot dining experience don’t look past Voreas Taverna in Larnaca.  This establishment is world-renowned for their meze (a version of tapas with a wide selection of small plates ranging from dips to potatoes and featuring copious amounts of halloumi). To maximise the experience see if you can request a table on the rooftop courtyard. The seal of approval lies in the fact that you will notice many locals eating here. If its good enough for the locals then you know you have made the right choice.

PYXIDA, Nicosia

A busy restaurant on a midweek night is a sign that you are onto a good thing. Pyxida is renowned for their wonderful service, affordable price and delicious menu. The most popular choice amongst locals is by far the fish meze. Dish after dish of delicious seafood goodness, a guarantee that you will not leave feeling anything other than full.



Ta Piatakia which means little place is a wonderful eatery with a focus on variety of food and flavor. The ambience is glorious and the staff friendly and welcoming. A favorite of diners is the baked brie, whilst the prawns and duck with green walnuts. A constantly updated specials board helps to keep things fresh, not that this place needs it. It is always a delicious choice for somewhere to indulge.


Cafes that we urge you to visit

To start your day the right way we encourage you to grab a coffee (and maybe breakfast) at the following locations:

Uluwata specialty coffees, Limassol


Located near the city centre of Limassol, Uluwata will win you over on an early morning stroll with their delicious coffee and warm service. In addition to the delicious coffee, the home made ice creams are worth a try and well worth the extra calories. A lovely, intimate place to consume your morning coffee it is no wonder this café is making its own waves along the Limassol foreshore.

Red Orange Kiosk, Nicosia


It is a difficult task to stand apart for your friendlessness in the Cypriot hospitality industry such is the welcoming nature of most, but the owner of Red Orange Kiosk has managed to do this. The owner, who works on sight and serves you directly is one of the nicest people you will ever meet! Add the fact that coffee is delicious, and the setup is adorable and you know you are on a winner. A handy tip? Try the orange juice if you are not in the mood for a coffee. You won’t regret it.


Dstrkt Bar, Larnaca


While not technically a café, Dstrkt bar is a popular choice amongst locals for a weekend coffee, a breakfast meal and a place to socialize with friends and family. This establishment is often close to capacity but features delicious food, a wonderful layout and good throughout the year. At night the outdoor section closes and the party starts but our favourite time for dining here is during the weekend morning from 9am when the crowd builds and the patrons relax in comfort with a coffee and a biscuit.


Don’t forget the ice cream!


Obviously with Cyprus being nestled along the Mediterranean Sea and with the temperature soaring towards 40 degrees in Summer we can’t possibly not mention ice cream! Below is our pick for the best ice cream in all of Cyprus.

E Cosi Gelateria, Paphos

One guarantee of E Cosi is that you will be spoiled for choice when electing exactly what combination of ice cream you desire. The friendly, welcoming staff will help but ultimately you will be scrambling to only select a few of the wonderful flavours on offer at this popular ice creamery. Do watch out in summer though, it can get very busy!