If you are planning to visit Cyprus, go to cyprus-community.com first. This is where you will find everything you want to know about Cyprus for the Cyprus community and the visitors as well.

For the Cypriot communities


The cyprus-community.com website is dedicated to the Cypriots and the visitors alike. If you are a Cypriot who needs further information in exploring the island, your travels will be more delightful by the ready information that you can get from this website.  Be informed about the weather, places to visit and where to stay in the other cities and locations in the island which you might not be very familiar with.  Aside from these, there is other practical information about Cyprus which you can get from this site.  If you are planning to expand or diversify your business, get more information on the existing businesses and business opportunities on the island.  If you are looking for employment opportunities, there is also information available to assist you. Information about big activities and events in the island will also be available.

 For the visitors


If you want to visit Cyprus as a tourist, an investor or planning to move to Cyprus, you can find information on the traveling to Cyprus – helpful information about the island.

For the tourists and travelers, get your tourism information here – on the geography and climate of the island. You will be guided on where to stay, where to eat, fun things to do and the popular attractions.

For those who want to invest in Cyprus, you will find in this website information about the geography of the island, information about its government and most of all information about the businesses and business opportunities in Cyprus. The information provides here in a quick and easy format that is not consolidated elsewhere.

For those who are planning to live on the island, this is a good resource site. You will be dazzled by the amazing facts about the island – living that you dreamed of. The advantages of living in Cyprus are numerous. The information on living in Cyprus will surely captivate you and you can foresee that you will love living in Cyprus.  But no matter how attractive the change of the scenery the island offers, you still need information on employment opportunities, businesses and educational system in Cyprus.These are the information found on the site that you need to research on before you make the big move.




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