If you have considered living in a Mediterranean island where you can have the best of both worlds – island living and maintaining your metropolitan lifestyle then, consider Cyprus. Living in Cyprus where the sun shines the brightest on the clear, blue seas. The people are friendly and life is idyllic but highly metropolitan areas are also present. You can go shopping with chooses that include designer labels. Bring your family and you will be surprised by the safety and high standard of living in the islands. Cyprus is perfect for those who want to soak up the fine weather and enjoy an outdoorsy lifestyle. Living in  Cyprus is your first step in living your dream.  There are many reasons why you can easily consider living in Cyprus.

Bask in island living combined with a metropolitan jive

Enjoy the clear sapphire –blue beaches with an endless sunshine. Spend your best holidays in Larnaca. Who does not want to be basking in the sunshine all – year round?  There are lots of resorts which offers activities. In the daytime, you can enjoy assorted water sports and diving in the famous shipwrecks. In the evening, be entertained in the bars and clubs. In Cyprus, everyone enjoys a Mediterranean climate with long, warm and dry summers. However, you can still enjoy skiing in Troodos in January – March. Nicosia, Limassol, and Paphos have the big malls should you miss shopping for huge brands. These big cities offer a big city vibe when you need one. This is what it means when you are living in Cyprus, enjoy the best worlds of island living and metropolitan living at the same time. For those who want to strike a balance between work and their personal lives, Cyprus living is the perfect  life  to have.

Safety and security for you and your family

Enjoy living in a country with the low crime rates. Safety and security levels in Cyprus are competitive among European Union member countries. It is one of the safest European countries to live. This is delightful information if you are moving in with your family. There is nothing more reassuring than living in a country where you can just allow the children to play outside of the house and not scared at all times.

High standards of living

Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Being an EU member made it a lot easier to trade, travel, work and move freely within the member states. Standards of living in Cyprus are competitive elsewhere in Europe. The social security system delivers an excellent healthcare system provided by both the private and public sector. Health services are can be free or at a low cost of emergency treatment for all. For its transportation system, the island boasts of its modern road systems, efficient postal systems, airports, other infrastructures and utilities. It also boasts of its efficient telecommunications systems that are among the cheapest in Europe. Its mobile and internet services are topnotch in its speed and reliability.  In terms of education, there are private and state-sponsored schools from primary to the higher level of education.

Distinct and cosmopolitan cuisine

The food in Cyprus is greatly influenced by the Greek cooking, then Turkish and Lebanese. The cuisine is famous for its Mediterranean roots. The mood in eating is like that of living in an island – food is relished and savored slowly. The fresh harvest from the seas and newly – harvested herbs are evident in the dishes. Transitioning to a healthy-eating lifestyle has never been easy. As the island has the oldest wineries in the region, wine connoisseurs will find it delightful to visit boutique wineries for wine tasting and sampling and then bringing wines for pairing with their favorite dishes. It is also good to note that these wineries have the best views because of their location making visits to wineries more delightful.

Competitive business climate

Cyprus has always taken an open stand in its dealing with international trade and business. As a country that is a strategic gateway to the continents of Europe, Asia, and Africa, Cyprus has attracted significant investments with the entry of many multinational companies. Thus, opportunities to do business or seek employment abound.  It also helps that Cyprus has the lowest level of taxes in the EU.

Rich and colorful historical background

For a country that is relatively small, you will be amazed on the history of how Cyprus came to be. The island’s long history offers a journey of discovery. For one, there are ancient city-kingdoms of Kourion and Amathus, and the Mosaics of Paphos, are considered among the finest mosaic floors, the Tombs of Kings, the sanctuary of Aphrodite, the settlements of Choirokoitia and Kalavasos-Tenta and so much more. Paphos has authentic relics from the past dating way back in the 4th century BC. Ancient palaces, fortresses, and tombs abound in the island. The island is also popular as a wreck diving sites internationally.  Cyprus living is also a lifestyle of looking back its rich history.


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