Tourism information for visitors to Cyprus

sea cave in Cyprus



Cyprus is an island country in the Mediterranean. It is bounded by Turkey on the southern side, Syria, and Lebanon on the Western Side and northwest of Israel. In the northwest, you can locate Egypt and in the southeast, you can locate Greece. It is a major tourist destination in the Mediterranean. Cyprus is an independent country that has extensive contacts with European and Asian countries. Visiting Cyprus is on  top of the bucket list  for the must-visit  among the tourists


Best time to visit

In a typical tourist season, all attractions, restaurants, and other event centers are open. This period is from April to October. The hottest month is noted to be August where one should make sure to keep cool. The best time to visit Cyprus is in spring which starts in February – May. At this period, the air becomes warm and balmy, the outdoors bloom at its finest making it the ideal time for outdoor activities like hiking, biking, and swimming. If you come in September to October, then you are in for a mildly warm weather but there are fewer visitors.


Best Experiences


Sun-kissed beaches and more

There are hundreds of miles of the coastline in Cyprus yet these beaches and resorts offer you not just a swimming and diving. Be ready for an amazing water sports experience, cliff jumping and even exploration of sea caves. Explore shipwrecks and At night, be entertained by pubs and cafes so you can party the night away. The more popular beaches are   Pissouri bay, Nissi Beach, and Ayia Napa.


Great for historical tours


Cyprus is the mythical birthplace of Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. So, this is a great reason to visit the island a re-live the love and passions of the great goddess. Aside from this, there are many archeological remains from the Roman period like the palaces, theaters, and fortresses. Explore the Tombs of the Kings, the museum in Nicosia and the amphitheater in Paphos.



Must visit boutique wineries

Get into the wine tasting fever as Cyprus has the oldest – wine producing boutique wineries. The grapes get enough warmth from the sun and the best of what the islands can offer. Cyprus boasts of more than 50 wineries, some them have already won international awards for the best wines. Beers are also available for those who do not like wines. Come to the wineries for the breathtaking views of the mountains!

Hospitality that abounds



There are many tourists who came back to this island just for the hospitality of the people of Cyprus. The Cypriots are known for their warm welcome with a smile as warm as the sunbeam. You will also have your reason to come back once you have experienced Cyprus.

As a new tourist to the area, you might want to start out with a location in Cyprus with a cosmopolitan jive. It is best to start your journey in Limassol as this is also a touristy area.  This is a great place to make as a base while you head off to other destination. Shopping is also great in this area. Wherever you head out in Cyprus, there’s a lot in the island to make visiting Cyprus a truly memorable experience.